Osprey navigation paths


The Rutland  (England) Osprey Project has been running for 18 years when Ospreys began to breed again on Rutland Water in the UK after 150 years.

These birds are cared for by the Rutland Osprey Project who have fitted GPS trackers to some of these birds which give very accurate and detailed data of exactly the track the birds take on their migrations.

They tracked their Ospreys to their wintering grounds on the Coast of Senegal (Africa).  They migrate southwards in Autumn and return to the UK to breed in the Spring.

Recently bird “30” flew from Rutland to Senegal, a distance of 2912 miles (4686 kms), in 267 hours.

There is very detailed information about the Ospreys and their migration on their website: www.ospreys.org.uk


  • Satellite Tracking map
  • Osprey team latest – there is lots of hard data at the bottom of this post

It is fascinating as the birds fly on very similar paths each time they migrate.  You can see in detail exactly where they went.

Do they follow Osprey “flyways”  which they can sense?

Richard Nissen
Autumn 2014

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