Editorial Team


Richard Nissen

In my opinion, the world of animal navigation is still unexplained but new ideas and theories are emerging. It is a really exciting time!

We work really hard to keep up to date with what is going on and try to bring you this as the information becomes available in a form that all can understand.

I am a member of the Royal Institute of Navigation and a member of their animal navigation group (ANG). I attend their animal navigation conferences.   I am a dowser and a member of the British Society of Dowsers

Deputy Editors

We have a number of deputy editors to help us deliver great information, help us air new ideas as they are produced, and supervise our content and links.

Jim Lyons

Jim Lyons is a retired academic and has been developing new theories on animal navigation.  He is a member of the Dowsing Research Group.  His insights and scientific background are producing revolutionary theories which look as if they will overturn the current scientific theories.

Simon Raggett

Simon has researched and runs a blog relative to the connections between quantum physics, quantum biology, the brain and consciousness.  His contribution is invaluable to our understanding of quantum physics and how this may answer our questions on animal navigation.  See more on his website: www.quantum-mind.co.uk

Matthew French

Matthew is a retired naval hydrographer and Master Mariner with sea command experience and an ocean racer.  He is a member of the Royal Institute of Navigation.  His practical knowledge of surveying and navigation cannot be surpassed.  His travels have taken him to many of the places we study.

Kerstin Williams

Kerstin has been helping us research the Sami people in north Sweden to find out about these indigenous migratory people and how they navigated before modern navigational aids and how the reindeer perform their migrations.

Antonio Nafarrate

Antonio Nafarrate is a physics graduate from Argentina but emigrated to the USA and so has special responsibility for the Americas.  We particularly appreciate his scientific background and interest in our subject.  He held a number of science based research jobs in IBM and Xerox.  Later he joined Spectra Physics and then Coherent’s medical Division and Amersham biosciences.

Swedish Representative – Anna-Kari Bill

Anna-Kari has worked with the Swedish government aid programme for developing countries; particularly in India, Asia and Central America.  She has agreed to help us in our quest to understand animal navigation in Sweden and she accompanied us to Jokkmokk to meet Sami representatives.  Anna-Kari will help us learn more and communicate with the Sami so that we can discover more from this ancient people. There is much to do, as Sweden hosts important research in animal navigation, especially at Lund University.