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Animal navigation is one of the great mysteries

This site has been created to share information and invite you to contribute in order to see if we can find out how animals and humans navigate without aids.

There has been a lot of academic work in this field which is difficult to follow without interpretation. We shall try to put as much of this in front of you as we can.

My view is that there must a simple overall mechanism that drives animal navigation. No-one has yet found this, but I suspect this maybe to do with a quantum effect meditated directly though our brains acting as antennae.  We are also clear that different species use different strategies and that, above all, all navigators use different cues at different parts of the journey.  For instance, you only need rough directions: “go North”, for instance,  at the beginning of a journey and much more detailed information at the end, finally relying (usually) on visual recognition of “Home” the end of the journey.

We really treasure feed back on this site but especially we are looking for participation in having you give us your views or experiences so that the site can grow to contain many people’s ideas and experience.

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