The Elephant Whisperer by Laurence Anthony

Lawrence Anthony sadly died in March 2012.   The web link below  tells the story of his death and how his elephants grieved for him and some history of his project to save a herd of elephants who he brought to his reserve At Thula Thula and tamed.

  1. Wild Elephants gather inexplicably, mourn death of “Elephant

delightmakers.com/…/wild-elephants-gather-inexplicably-mourn-death-of-elephant-whisperer/ – Cached

9 May 2012 Author and legendary conservationist Lawrence Anthony died March 2. herds
loitered at Anthony’s rural compound on the vast Thula Thula

This book talks about how Anthony suddenly  realises that he can communicate with the elephants when he is really scared that they would escape and managed  to project to the matriarch elephant Nana “stop, I am here to save you”.

He got better at communicating with them and learned the art of listening to the elephants and listening to their modes and emotions.  Later on he comes to just know when they were around even if he could not see them. This is telepathy, which so many people working with animals know exists.

When he was camping out in the bush, he kept feeling watched all the animals which were scrutinising him and assessing him.  He was becoming part of the whole of the animal kingdom.

There is substantial evidence that animals know when they are in danger and being hunted.  He tells how when he got rid of the poachers on his reserve all the animals knew immediately that the threat was lifted and they suddenly appeared.  Equally he tells that within days of the end of 20 year war in South Sudan, elephants left their adopted residences en masse and trekked hundreds of miles back to their homes in the Sudan.  Another of these episodes is when he went to Durban on business and on his return all his seven elephants were waiting expectantly for his return and this happened over and over again.  Of course most dog owners will tell you that their dogs know when their owners are coming home too.

We think that animals and their owners are experiencing mind entanglement that can be explained by quantum effects.  As Anthony decided to go home he transmitted this information instantly to the elephants, they even turned back when he missed his flight.

Lastly here is a quote from him:
“Granting respect to animals is as important as it is with humans.   Animals have an uncanny ability to pick up on your state of mind, especially if you are antagonistic or hostile.  All it takes to make progress is an open minded attitude, with a bit of patience it eventually clicks into place.  The best part is you will recognize it when it happens. Believe me anyone can do it, and as many people already know, it is so worthwhile.  There are no deep secrets, no special abilities and not psychic powers necessary”.

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