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Animal navigation is based on Quantum effects theory

We believe that animal navigation is based on Quantum effects which are inimical to a classic Newtonian science based approach.  This world is so weird and unlikely that it is impossible to understand properly or as Feynman said if you think you understand it you must have misunderstood.

Dowsers know that you can access this Cosmic Universal database (called by dowsers: The Universal Information Field) and so by extension, if dowsers can access this field then I believe that animals can too. They are not influenced by intellectual arguments they just do what seems right.

Different species have different strategies but all need access to this Information Field to succeed.  As Ingo Schiffner (one of our heroes) has proved, navigation is difficult, and needs all the available input to succeed. You need to integrate every piece of information available.

But animals do have a sense of direction, how else does a pigeon know in which direction to head for? The Bar tailed Godwit seems to operate using an innate sense of direction to fly a straight course directly from their breeding grounds in Alaska to New Zealand, they keep their heading despite all the various cross winds and they do it alone.

Some animals like Cuckoos seem to plug into this Universal Information Field to follow tracks that have been inscribed and reinforced in this information field by the passage of past individuals. Subsequent generations simply pick up on and follow the imprinted tracks to travel, for instance, between their breeding grounds and wintering locations. Interestingly most of these animals follow a different more direct route back from their wintering grounds to breed.

With Dr Jim Lyons help, we believe that we have established that the way that this communication with the database is carried out is by the creation of standing waves that are generated by the mind probably in the pineal gland.  Clearly magnetic interference causes important effects and really disrupts navigation. Do strong magnetic fields interfere with the brain function or does it interfere with the communication to the Universal Data Base just like static?

Both classic magnetic direction finding and inclination effects as well as the other ideas, such  long distance olfactory cues, cannot be the whole answer as all have fundamental defects that fail to resolve key questions.

So much is still unknown and there is a lot of contrary evidence on all sides. We keep adding data to the site to see if we can understand more.

Richard Nissen
Editor September 2012

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