Avian Compass Reloaded


Please find this interesting piece entitled The Avian Compass Reloaded by Dagomir Kaszlikowski at the Centre for Quantum Technologies, Department of Physics, National University of Singapore.

Kaszlikowski talks about the the quantum effect that is required to enable the Cryptochromes in the eye of the European Robin to be sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field. You will find another article here on the site: “the Quantum Robin” written by Peter Hore of Oxford University and one of our heroes.  He and his teams did most of the ground breaking chemistry that postulated that this mechanism existed.

This article builds on this work.  Please also note the remarks by Jim Khalali at Surrey University.

Whilst it is very interesting that the Robin has this ability to tune into the Earth’s Magnetic Field this does not in itself help us understand how they navigate. Knowing where North is is not enough to find your way.  However, we are clear that disturbances of the magnetic field do influence navigation.

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