Quantum ideas – Simon Ragett

Simon Ragett has created this website to discuss quantum ideas: http://www.quantum-mind.co.uk.

The site provides summaries and reviews of books, academic papers, articles and other material relevant to theories of consciousness related to fundamental physics. This includes the ideas of Penrose, Hameroff, Bohm, Stapp, Bernroider and others. The site also offers a blog for new material as it is added and a reference section by subjects and author.

The introduction section provides both a discussion of the main theories of quantum consciousness, aimed mainly at readers new to the subject, and an online book attempts to develop an overall theory of consciousness.

Simon has alerted me to Jim Al-Khalili’s lecture at the Royal Institution where he majored on the European Robin.  JAK Raggett Al Kalili lecture summary

You can follow the actual lecture on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwgQVZju1ZM

Richard Nissen

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