Chris the Cuckoo running later than ever

In previous years, Chris has been one of the first tagged Cuckoos to cross the Sahara desert but this year he seems to be on a much more relaxed schedule. His previous arrival dates south, of the Sahara desert, were mid July but right now he’s not even in Africa – he’s still in Italy! Most of our Cuckoos are having a successful southward migration this year, possibly as a result of them being in good condition when they left the UK thanks to our good spring and early summer weather. Six other Cuckoos remain in Europe while thirteen are in Africa. Follow our satellite-tagged Cuckoos here.

Link is http://www.bto.org/science/migration/tracking-studies/cuckoo-tracking?dm_i=IG4,2PAU4,6WEXAZ,9V0AA,1

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