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Animal navigation based on Gravity

Here are the points to be added that I anticipated or predicted that they should happen as proof or implied consequences of my animal navigation model.

The posting in the website is Introduction to my Ideas from Sept 2013 – “Gravity and Gyro effects are the basis of animal navigation, by Antonio Nafarrate“.


1) From a paper by Lindauer and Martin describing “Errors” in the direction pointing by Bees while performing the “waggle” Dance a molecule with an internal rotor was anticipated  and was predicted that it was to be found in a Lipid bilayer membrane controlling the passage of Ions.

This molecule was described in 1993 by Sir John Walker FRS 1997 Nobel Laureate for the structure of ATP Synthase.

2) This mechanism was also to be found in plants and it is in the Chloroplasts.

3) The connection between Navigation and Biological Rhythms was proven by a paper showing that “Clock Mutants” of Drosophila have no Chemical differences but small conformational changes of the structure of ATP Synthase.

4)  The only cue needed is Gravity as sensed by these rotors that act as detectors of the rotation of the Earth as a Foucault pendulum does it.

5) A paper in the Journal of Experimental Biology Nov 2014 reports Homing Pigeons altering their courses following features of the local Gravitational Topography in the vicinity of a non-magnetic Meteor Crater near Kiev Ukraine.

6) A paper in Nature by David Keays PhD reports that no Iron compounds are present in the beaks of Pigeons as proposed by researchers that support the idea of Geomagnetic Orientation.

7) There is no effect observed in the Honey Bees daily activities under a variety of changes in the magnetic conditions around the hive as indicated in a paper by Dr. Gerhard Gries and his team in PLOS one Dec. 26, 2014.

8) No records ever found of extinctions resulting from the many periodic Geomagnetic field reversals well recorded in the Iron magnetic compounds found in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge as Africa and South America separates.

Antonio Nafarrate  2015

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