How do dogs relate to their owners?


Here is a little story which asks how dogs relate to their owners.  If when you read this you have opinions we would very much like to hear them and perhaps publish them.


A few years ago the mother of a friend died.  She had always kept an Alsatian dog who was her constant companion.

When his mother died he decided to take the dog to the mortuary to enable it to say goodbye to his mistress.  She had not been dead long by this time.

He took the dog into the mortuary and up to his mother’s body.

He expected the dog to show some sort of response, emotion perhaps, but he got nothing.  The dog simply did not connect onto the body at all.

Clearly the smells were still there but the body was no longer animated.

Was there a connection between the dog and his mistress on a spiritual plane?  What was the connection?

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