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Cuckoo Migration, a theory 2021

In January 2021 I had the opportunity to have another test of my theory that migratory animals (fledgling cuckoos) use an innate sense of direction to find their way to their destination.

I did a zoom presentation to some of the best dowsers in Britain and asked them to track the routes followed by fledgling cuckoos to their wintering grounds in Africa, using a map.  We all know that the fledgling cuckoos launch themselves into the air alone and fly to their wintering ground in Central Africa.  There are several routes but all have changes of direction and stops to “re-fuel” in order to complete their journeys.  But how do you inherit a route and destination like this?

Astonishingly many of the group were able to do dowse cuckoo routes even when I did not tell them where the cuckoos were going to.  What I wanted to do is see if the dowsers could  tune into a fledgling cuckoo and travel with them to their destination.  

This pre-supposes that the fledgling cuckoos are following a dowsable paths (a route that they have inherited and can feel).  There is ample evidence that all animals can sense their way but, of course, they always access as many other cues as they can pick up to help them on their way: Navigation is difficult!

My contention is that when they leave the nest, the fledgling cuckoo flies around until they plug into the Universal Information Field which tells them where to  go.

I am a member of RIN (the Royal Institute of Navigation) who send me regular updates on all the the relevant Academic work being done in Navigation. At the moment most of the people working on Animal Navigation are biologists and have not great knowledge of Physics and Quantum Mechanics.  I think that dowsers have unknowingly been accessing Quantum effects for ever

The theory that I am struggling to test is that migratory animals inherit a sense of direction to go to their breeding grounds and return, and when to set out for their journeys too. When a new place is found then over time we see the migratory destinations move from old locations to new ones.  This fits perfectly with dowsing theories that old pathways are erased and new ones built up by the passing of many individuals.

Recently we have seen a lot of academic research on mathematics, recently there as an article in the New Scientist New Scientist 2 May:  “Here, There everywhere?  Our best mathematical model of consciousness might imply everything has got it” The dowsing fraternity have always talked about the Universal Information Field, which must be different words for  the same thing.  Quantum Mechanics talks about an universal information database that records everything and consciousness seems to fit this model.  In all the quantum work there is no sense of time.  Passed time only tells us that all the possible outcomes that existed have coalesced into one outcome in the universe in which we operate.

The difficulty is that Dowsing is an instinct, a moment , when we are allowed into the Universal database.  It never works in the presence of sceptic, especially those working  in Classic Science so they are  not able to compute dowsing skills and all the analytical learning, which classic science demands, makes you unable to dowse because analysis has crowded out, the surprise of intuition.

My take on this situation is that dowsers can and regularly do access the the universal consciousness (information field) in just the quirky way that Quantum Mechanics works to make a mockery of our certainties in classic Science.

My contention is that dowsers have since eternity, found a way to access the data we need.  It is manifest in Navigation and in my opinion is everywhere and with the rise rise of our understanding of our quantum world,  we will have proof that we and every animal can plug in to the Universal Information Field to navigate by.  Some Aborigines can still  do it but we have mostly lost the art.

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