Words change the way we can think

At present it is very unfashionable to talk of spiritual matters. The overwhelming success of technology has made us decide that the world of science trumps all others.

I think that we should look at how, perhaps, this scientific success was achieved.

As all of us, who speak several languages know, the structure of language changes the ideas that come to us naturally.  The medium really does change the way we think.

It is the sophistication of our Greek and Roman language heritage that has enabled us to express very difficult and complicated ideas.  I believe that it was the Greeks’ passion for philosophy that drove the development of their language and the very sophisticated grammar systems that the Greeks developed, which were adopted by the Romans.  Of course, all the European languages have developed from these roots.

To show you, how clever this all is, here is an example of the sophistication that these languages have in expressing time. Look at how time has been very accurately expressed as in the past, the possible and the future:

“I had been visiting my uncle when I was walking in a wood where I might have been arrested for trespassing when an apple fell on my head, this did not hurt at the time but I fear I shall have a bruise on my head tomorrow”.

Many modern languages do not have half this subtlety.

Along with language came writing so that ideas could be archived and shared.  Suddenly the tools for the development of science were born.

The strength of language and man’s ability to learn, read and speak meant that all other methods of communication were increasingly made redundant and left to wither except for a few who kept hold of old skills and ideas.

I think that animals without their opposed thumb who cannot write and in the case of dolphins and whales with huge brains use their intelligence to communicate without language but use telepathy to see into each others brains just as the Aborigines use what they call “head talk” and I would call telepathy,  most of the time but use language when it is useful to do so.  They have never developed a complicated language because they never needed one.

All animals use this “telepathic” communication at one level or another.  Those who work with horses, especially those that do dressage and three day eventing, all know that you need to set up a telepathic relationship with the horse if you want to win, because the winners all operate as a bonded team operating on this level.



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