Morphic Resonance

Morphic resonance is an idea developed by Rupert Sheldrake which describes how the universe is pervaded with morphic resonances that organise and manage our world.  He describes this in detail in his book, “Dogs that know when their owners are coming home”.

The existing classical model of a mechanistic world described by Science fails to describe many phenomena that most people know and understand.  These include telepathic relationships with animals, animal navigation etc.

Morphic Resonance is group learning of habits that change the way that animals and plants perform.  A perfect example of this is animal migration.  Ancestors of present generations of animals create a route and a habit for migration.  This pervades all future generations of that animal.  For instance when the cuckoo hatches, the mother is long gone yet the young cuckoo knows it must migrate to Africa and it knows the way. Please see the articles on Albatrosses, Whales, Elephant Seals and Pigeons on this web site.

The quest is to understand how the Morphic Resonance works – what is the mechanism?  I think that Dowsing can help us here.  There are big problems when we try to explain how dowsing works especially the ability to map dowse (find things from looking at a map), date dowse (find the age of objects) and the absolute need for intent when dowsing.  Intent in dowsing means that you concentrate on looking for say a mains water pipe and you will find only that not and not any other water.

I believe that when we dowse we are plugging into a huge quantum universal database where time and space are irrelevant.  Dowsers call this “The Information Field” which has recorded everything that has ever existed.  Intent (see above) is just like defining the terms of a search.  As Jim Lyons puts it: “All you need is a map (low resolution info of the `real` target) and intent.  This searches anywhere in the “holofield”, it is a Cosmic Google engine. Once linked whatever is there is also here!. In effect the whole process is a Cosmic Internet. Every `pixel` of the field is a punter on this net, intent sets up the link.  In particular, dowsing is holographic since as soon as one thinks of something, connection is made forever!”

Fortunately for us Quantum mechanics comes to the rescue here to describe this Information Field.  Vlatco Vedral in “Decoding Reality – the universe as quantum information”, describes the universe in terms of a quantum computer that stores all the information that has ever existed in the universe : the universal Information Field.  This concept of the Quantum Computer is in quite accepted and efforts as now in hand to try to create one.  The mathematics proving the existence, size and processing speed  of this universal  Quantum Computer are quite understood.  Vedral calculates the number of information bits in the Universe and comes up with the stupendously large number (but not infinite) of 10100 bits of information with a processing speed of 1090 compared to your computer which processes 1010 bits per second.

I believe that Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance is exactly the same phenomenon as tapping into the Universal Information Field.  Animals are tapping into the Information Field to find their way. This is quite instinctive.  Dowsers are doing the same using their divining rods which enable the dowser to bypass the analytical front brain and access the subconscious.  This subconscious I describe is the part of the brain running our bodies, keep the body temperature constant, providing involuntary reflexes and driving for us when we have “turned off”.

I feel the concept of tapping into the Universal Information field and Morphic Fields are facets of the same truth.  Dr Jim Lyons is beginning to develop science behind how this works.

Richard Nissen
January 2012

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