Another idea

I am fascinated in Animal Migration. I have attended very learned arguments about this: they have found that birds have magnets in their beaks for instance. But as you investigate these arguments they just do not work right.

For successful migration you need to know when to go and where to go. Terns for instance fly from their wintering grounds to arrive on the Thames exactly when the Mayflies begin to appear. The weather makes this a different time each year, yet the Terns arrive bang on time.

I think that birds are like dumb terminals. They are hard wired into access to the part of the Logos that they need. This may be by a special frequency. We know that little birds (without parents) know when they have to go and where to (even without any parental influence).

What I think happens is that the birds “feel” the time to go and then they just know where to go to. Dowsers all know that you can ask your rod where something is and it will show you. We all know that we can point to the Magnetic North pole or Lincoln. That is how the Romans did it. If we can do that, all the bird has to do is fly to the destination which they know.. In many cases I think that they do this by seeing a colour cast in their eyes to keep them on track as the fly. . Robins get lost if you filter out the red. Many of the passerines (robins) migrate at night so that they can see the route better. This is just like deviceless dowsing when you feel you are on a line and stop feeling the line when you drift off.

This model explains why birds have a general route but when they get blown off they can still find their way.

Jeffrey Keen covers the science of this much better than I, particularly as to earth energy lines spirals and other physical phenomena. I am particularly interested in the spiritual connection of humanity and animals and as how this too fits in with the work that the physicists as beginning to explore form their word.

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