The problem for dowsers has been to make sense of two different anomalies.  Firstly the ability to map dowse and secondly the absolute need for intent

Both of these suggest that we are dealing with intelligence.  My view is that we are dealing with a huge universal database (The Logos).  This database has recorded everything that has ever existed.  When we map dowse we are plugging into the database so time and distance simply does not matter.  Equally intent is just like defining the terms of a search.  It does not matter what we seek when we are dowsing, we are searching the records.    Dowsing does not work when do it for fun or to show off, because dowsers can only perform when using their gift (of access) to do good, this means that you are not using the records professionally so you do not have access.

The analogies to doing a Google search make the concept easier to understand. For me this is self evidently a search of the universal database.

We always ask three questions of the guardians of the Logos:

  • May I  (do I have permission)
  • Can I (do I have the skill)
  • Should I ( is this an allowed search)

If you search a database space and time are irrelevant. This is of course what we know to be true. Map dowsing and date dowsing both are simply not a problem. We are tapping in to the database to get the information.

Intent, we all know to be crucial for good dowsing. Intent is the good phrasing of the question. If we phrase our question badly we will get the wrong answer. Once we tap into a universal database what we are doing, when we dowse for different objects, is defining what we are looking for and the database responds with the answer. Sometimes we are sloppy and ask badly phrased questions and do not “listen” as we should: it is a very big database! So we get bad inconsistent results obviously the more we practice the better we get.

If all the information is in the Logos then it does not matter what your intent is whether it is searching for minerals, pipes, cables or playing cards the data is there to guide you.

Somehow the intellect can also tune into the Logos. Is this the gift that makes humans in the refection of God? But if we interact with the Logos then we can easily create and change earth energy and other dowsable objects; such as lines we make in the air: what we are doing is laying down information in the Logos.

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