There is a lot of work showing that animals can detect magnetic fields but it is important to remember – no moving electric charge, no magnetism.

We have spoken of the pineal gland which detects ALL  frequencies because of its shape. It is the fundamental shape emerging from two intersecting vortices – in other words the universal womb! We must be very careful when talking of frequencies. Because the whole process is standing waves, we should really refer to wavelengths. One can wrap a vast range of wavelengths around a conical vortex and this is why all living matter can readily tune in to things from Quantum to Planetary size.  Remember, we and all other animals, birds etc. are energetically built like the earth. We embody linear and conical spirals. The basic helical shape is that of the double helix. In other words, the DNA format is a natural Universal form. There is a galaxy of just that geometry. This is why we must think beyond magnetic fields – they are not fundamental, they are an emergent phenomena, closely related to Subtle energies.

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