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Dowsing Dolphins by Jim Lyons

From time to time, I scan the literature to find out the latest ideas on animal behaviour but navigation in particular. Despite numerous papers involving the tracking of birds, hamsters, fish etc., I struggle to find the word that readers of this Journal use all the time – Dowsing. Since the first recording of history, the skill of pigeons to home in on their lofts has at least been accepted as fact. However, in traditional fashion, academia continues to investigate `acceptable` ways in which the process may be explained. The in-word currently appears to be path integration – which seems to be a fancy phrase for what in my scouting days was called dead reckoning. This is essentially a compass direction combined with measuring how far one goes(usually stride lengths) and plotting the result on a map. The first estimate is usually updated with local knowledge of the araea, gleaned from maps or personal information. Thus mutltiple sources of potential location information are collated and a best estimate made.

In the world of technology, during the 1970s, a formalised mathematical model known as a Kalman Filter, so-called after its discoverer, was developed for use in vehicles of all varieties, be it air, sea or land.. Various sensory inputs could be accommodated and their position and other data combined to give an overall best estimate of location plus other relevant information. These computer methods are readily implemented in standard computer hardware as well as so-called Neural Networks which mimic the behaviour of living systems. So, whereas no one has found a Kalman filter in any animal to the best of my knowledge, the possibility of Mother Nature having done something very similar is well on the cards!

It is the seasonal migration of birds and animal herds that have been most studied. Certainly visual clues play a key part here. In the case of fish, returning several thousands miles to their spawning grounds seems quite a feat. No real visual clues here. However, in oceans and the atmosphere is hosted a 3D network of energy lines which us Dowsers take for granted. Although we are still struggling to identify the unique detection mechanism within the body/brain which can identify this grid, since we are descended from fish, there is absolutely no reason to believe they too and indeed all other animals possess a similar detection capability.

Assuming this, then every living thing has the ability to tap into this universal energy field, in particular its regular periodic nature. In other words, the ability to dowse is but the process of linking into this all pervading `Grid-Nav` system. This precedes the now well established `Sat-Nav` system by millennia!

Concentrating on the most highly developed marine mammals of the Oceans, namely the Cetaceans, Whales, Dolphins and indeed Porpoises are the most well known. These creatures most certainly use earth related information for navigation but also demonstrate other very significant characteristics which are shared with humans. In particular, the Dolphin, of which there are some forty species, is usually acknowledged as the most intelligent and friendly creature in the Oceans. It is this feature, together with its ability to manipulate its associated energy field and interact directly with humans that distinguishes it from its fellow sea creatures.

Dolphin Magic
Having suggested that , like other marine mammals, Dolphins use ambient earth energies to navigate, let us look at other characteristics this creature possesses which show a clear relationship to Dowsing. I first took an interest in this most elegant of creatures several decades ago in my workplace. Professionally, it was my privilege to lead a team of engineers and scientists responsible for the initial design of new aircraft. Needless to say, key to this was the selection of the external profile of airborne vehicles to undertake certain defined roles. As always in engineering, everything decision is a compromise but the major design factor is always the aircraft`s external profile. Thus, a fast supersonic aircraft ended up looking rather sleek, as epitomised by say Concorde. In the military field the RAF`s latest combat aircraft, the Typhoon, although very aggressive looking retained many sleek features such as swept wings and carefully contoured fuselage shape. Engineers frequently turn to Mother Nature for guidance and certainly, in this case the wonderful elegant lines of the Dolphin was always an inspiration. The fluid scenario in each case is clearly different, air in one, water in the other but nevertheless the flow characteristics despite the spedd differences are remarkably similar. A look at Fig.1 shows the Dolphin in full flight, in this case taking a characteristic leap out of its usual habitat. It posseses a remarkably smooth skin to the water which endows it with very low drag. It posseses what is termed laminar flow over most of its body, something it actively controls. We would term this in everyday language – streamlining. If aircraft designers could achieve such a capability, then aircraft performance, particularly for airliners, would be significantly enhanced. Dolphins have no difficulty keeping up with ships cruising at 20 plus knots.

One other Dolphin characteristic which totally fascinates fluid dynamicists is it ability to blow `bubble rings`. This is a skill shared with certain species of whale. Like a smoker who can blow smoke rings, the Dolphin blows ring shaped bubbles from a small blowhole above its nose. These rings are shaped like a lifebuoys. The technical term for this bubble is a toroidal vortex ring. In fact all birds and fish create this shape when moving in air or water. It is in fact universal, found in many branches of Science. Fig. 2 shows a Dolphin creating one of these bubbles which is in simple terms, spinning air within the water. Being less dense inside the ring relative to the water outside, it is highly buoyant and this, coupled with the fact that it spins circumferentially imparts it with a linear forward velocity. After having been created, the ring, because of friction in the water starts to lose spin velocity but by way of compensation, the ring diameter increases to accommodate this energy loss. This effect, entirely due to the physics of the Dolphin`s environment, leads to a rather delightful, if somewhat unexpected, social phenomenon. A recent TV news announcement from a Theme Park in Florida released details of Dolphins playing with the Bubble Rings they created(Ref.2). In fact a common game is for two Dolphins to take turns in blowing rings as they swim in a circle. The lead Dolphin blows a bubble then moves aside leaving the bubble to grow in diameter. The second Dolphin then dives through the `hoop` whereupon it too blows a second bubble leaving this for the first Dolphin to dive through. There are in fact now several You Tube videos showing this social behaviour. It is truly fascinating to watch. All this was presented as a new discovery but for me and many colleagues, it was no surprise having studied rising bubble rings in water for nearly twenty years! In fact, the creation of bubble rings and their investigation has been fundamental to our growing understanding of earth energies at both Stone and Crop Circles. The link between the two phenomena began for me in the mid 1990s at an Alternative Therapy Exhibition held at Market Rasen racecourse. I met there for the first time Dr. Horace Dobbs who was presenting his then relatively new work on the discovery that Dolphin when interacting with humans demonstrated a remarkable healing ability. We compared notes on this phenomenon with the observed effects that Lucy Pringle had discovered when studying the reaction of people to crop circle energies. At the time, neither Horace or myself had any definitive answer but I believe we can say well over a decade later that this is indeed the case. We continue to collect data but already the Biophysics involved is showing progressively more clearly the fundamentals of what we now term `The Subtle Energy Field`. It is in fact the basic energy field of the Cosmos and is strongly linked to the universal field of Consciousness. Horace has set up the renowned International Dolphin Watch. Ref. 3 and I continue to work with Lucy on the healing factors associated with Crop Circles.

First Hand Experience
Until this year, I had some familiarity with Dolphins and their remarkable abilities but my first hand experience was somewhat limted. Some years ago, I managed to scrounge a free afternoon from my more official activities visiting the University of Florida. I went to the local Dolphin Park with the aspiration of trying to measure the size of the energy field of its local incumbents. This I felt was the key to the Dolphin`s healing ability. I came away feeling that, in my incredible naivety, I should have managed to acquire at least some measurements. It turned out that to assume they would stand still while I walked backwards with rods trying to find the edge of their energy field was total nonsense. They would approach and play around but like naughty children would not stay still even for a few seconds! I came away with no hard data but a comforting general feeling that whatever the size of their auras, they were deservedly considerably larger than my own. I resolved some day to do better and try once again.

This year, I finally made amends. My wife who is passionate about animal welfare had the opportunity last year to swim with Sea Lions. For her this was an unforgettable happening. As a result, she did however vow someday to do the same thing with Dolphins. It turned out that in Spring this year, we would visit one of the main Dolphin Centres in the Caribbean. While she spent time playing with the Dolphins, Fig. 3, I went to a smaller pool in which there were two 4-5 year old Dolphins, born in the Park. Unlike my first attempt to interact with Dolphins, this time I was better prepared. I had acquired a good deal more experience dealing with Subtle Energies and knew at least what they are essentially are. A second key factor was my improving ability to communicate with animals. Having had cats in the home for over thirty years I had learned a thing or two about how to communicate with them. This is not just about what they want for tea but, by using Dowsing and a 20-Question style of interaction, one can readily understand much more about how they feel. Although one may regard this as progress, even more innovative techniques would be needed to interact positively with Dolphins. I had read about using images to communicate with domestic pets but had not had much success until recently. With a younger female cat as part of the household, I discovered she would re-act almost instantaneously to questioning images I would throw at her. This has now become almost a daily activity. I have since found I am able do this with farm animals and even birds. It certainly does not work with every animal but there is on many an occasion a clear two way communication. With this background, would it work with Dolphins? This time when I tried interacting with the two young dolphins in a smaller pool, just me and them, I found first of all that throwing images of them swimming towards me led to them doing precisely that. One was particularly response, the other not so enthusiastic. I realise that asking them to blow bubble rings for me was something of a nonsense since the water was far from clear and the depth of view was but a foot or so. I did however see some rings as they burst through the surface though they were not large due to the limited depth of the pool. With the lack of visual clarity in the water, I realised I would not be able to see how the dolphins pushed things through the water. While pondering over this, I realised that the more active of the two dolphins was pushing a floating orange peel all over the surface of the pool! This seemed to be the way it had found to at least partially solve the difficulty of demonstrating how good it was at controlling objects with the tiniest of corrective actions. As for measuring aura size. I adapted the standard water divining technique of measuring depth. Both dolphins obligingly stayed in fixed positions at my request while I went through the procedure. These two young dolphins both had energy fields measuring around 12.5 metres!

The whole experience was quite a unique opportunity for both my wife and I and, needless to say, further similar ventures are in the early planning stage.

This adventure confirmed my previous limited exposure to Dolphin Magic, yet one topic in particular leaves much still to be investigated. This is the topic of the Dolphins ability to provide significant healing capability. It surely must offer investigative opportunities to Dowsers generally but particularly for those specialising in healing. Since Horace Dobbs early observations, much evidence has been assembled regarding this topic. A key finding was the Dolphin`s ability to heal emotional and other mind related problems including depression and autism. The last few years have shown that other animals have in varying degrees similar healing capabilities, the case of horses and autism being particularly well publicised. The Dolphin however seems to generally be regarded as the leader as far as healing is concerned.

We now know that the energy field holds the secret to healing. What remains little understood is how Dolphins on first encountering a `patient` almost immediately seem to understand what the problem is and how to help. Rather surprisingly, Dolphins in the wild seem to be rather better at this than their pool resident colleagues. Any Dolphin close encounter means the person is totally immersed in the Dolphin`s Subtle field. It is how the Dolphin adjusts the frequency structure of its field specifically to meet the healee`s needs that is the fascinating factor. Subjects report feeling vibrations starting in their feet and progressively rising through their body. All the time the feeling is one of security and contentment. Dolphins we know emit audible sound wave energy. Indeed, this is one way in which Dolphins communicate in their natural environment. To affect the body at the cellular level, then a range of higher frequencies are needed to resonate with the cell`s membranes. Yet, for Dowsing related effects, extremely low frequencies are involved, below the Schumann resonance of the Earth at around 8 cycles per second. It is this remarkable ability to `create` a wide spectrum of ambient frequencies that appears to be unique to the Dolphin that needs far greater research effort.

Only now are we just beginning to comprehend the importance of ambient energy fields on people. We have seen the down side of the effects of mobile phones for example on people’s health. Yet, at the same time, we are starting to use electrical signals of a specific frequency spectrum even to heal cancerous cells. This technique, known in principle for decades, is only now beginning to escape the clutches of the Pharmaceutical Industry but is nevertheless being effectively used on a hitherto small scale. One can now buy so called `zappers` which create a spectrum of frequencies for human use capable of destroying a whole range of bacteria and viruses. It appears Dolphins have been there for millennia and together with their brilliant `doctor–patient` skills are showing us how it should really be done. Dowsers involved in this sort of research are only now starting to investigate the topic of the Global Scaling of frequencies needed to study these health problems – we do at least feel we are at last on the right track though there is a vast amount still to study, understand and apply. The Dolphins are there to help and show us what it is all about. More of us have to learn from them how this unique healing process. Can be more widely applied. Yet, despite this, Japanese fishermen continue to catch Dolphins simply for the dinner table. Surely, together we can all do better by taking lessons from Dolphins while doing our ultimate to protect this unique marine mammal.

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