Quantum Cosmos – the Dowsing Source?

Many Dowsers are perfectly happy to carry on using their well practiced  long standing art   with no thought as to how it possibly could work.  Although a few Dowsers feel one should not even attempt to understand its underlying principles, there are a few, including the authors, who feel it to be a task of the  highest priority.  Why should this be so?  Mainstream Science, since the inception of the Scientific Method around 1600AD  has never accepted that anything to do with Mind should be considered in Natural Philosophy which these days is termed Physics. Its approach is based entirely on the study of Matter as a result of what has become known as the Cartesian Split. Everything is made of just one `substance`. Although this approach has led to our everyday technological world, anything to do with Thought, Mind and Consciousness are seen as nothing but emergent phenomena within the brain.

The Quantum World
Three hundred years of the study of physical effects in Nature was regarded as the Classical period of Science. However, 1900 was a crucial turning point since an apparently innocuous effect dramatically changed the Physicists` world view.

The distribution of energy emitted by a hot body, say even a red hot poker, could only be explained if energy manifested in `packets` termed quanta. The energy of each of these `particles` of energy is directly proportional to its vibrational frequencies with the constant of proportionality termed the Planck Constant named after its German discoverer. This constant is regarded as a central number in  what is now Quantum Physics.

From these humble beginnings, the whole of Atomic Physics arose with each so called fundamental particle having a central heavy core surrounded by a cloud of electrons – the  basic lighter  particle of electricity. The whole assemblage  resembles a mini Solar System.

Developments of the Quantum Theory have led to  concepts of  particles being described as waves and most significant, the idea of all particles, once having been together remaining  forever linked as regards their information state. This spooky effect is termed Quantum Entanglement.  In fact the whole Universe we now know operates in this way. With `everything connected`, we have a a so called Holographic Universe we are beginning to discover operates somewhat  like a Cosmic Internet.  Effectively, space,  at one time considered a passive medium through which waves travel is now seen as highly active, self -organising and full of energy. The term – Quantum Computer  is starting to enter the literature.

Much to the concern of the majority of Physicists, Quantum experiment outcomes are influences observer effects – the experimenter has an influence on the outcome of the experiment!  This is total anathema to Science. Space, which carries Light, a form of Electromagnetic waves, is not supposed to have any active structure and certainly no link with human behaviour, mental and otherwise.  This crisis, however, leaves an open door to the involvement of the process we are all involved in, namely-Dowsing. So how can the process possibly work?

The Dowsing Phenomenon
Whether one is an Earth Energy, or Water Dowser or indeed a Healer, we all share the same approach when obtaining our results . Since the origins of mankind, it has been part of Philosophy that the Cosmos we inhabit has a `knowledge`  termed the Akashic Records which with appropriate mental discipline  can be accessed. It not only stores Information about  everything but operates in a dimension which is timeless. When we dowse we declare intent, i.e ask a question analogous to typing  something into a Google Search Engine.  What response a Dowser obtains is often in digital format,  a Yes – No but it can also be  in analogue form such as the angles of a pair of hand held rods.  It is all Information. The key thing is that Dowsers realise everything is connected be it a  material object or otherwise. The currency we deal in is Information – we tap The Information Field. The scientific study of Information took place in the 1940-50s leading to the computer language we use today, namely bits. Influence of the Quantum philosophy has now led to a description in terms of cubits – the language of Quantum Computing.

As for Dowsing, after nearly  two decades of research, we now know that information we handle is NOT transmitted by Electromagnetism(EM Waves). We are working further upstream with the basic components of this Field, namely univocally Magnetism and Electric charge. Technically speaking, all this is in the form of a shadowy magnetism named the  Vector Potential Field together with Electrostatic Waves which together are measurable by Dowsing. Communication is not by travelling waves but by Standing Waves that vibrate in sympathy with the messages we transmit and receive. It is just like the strings of a piano or violin and hence it is not surprising that a major feature  of  this new found understanding is Musical Scales. In fact the whole architecture of the Cosmos is built on this principle . Unlike our everyday Internet which uses well established telephone lines to obtain connectivity, in Dowsing our Intent creates the necessary connection and message to whatever we seek. It is in fact Quantum Entanglement at a virtual level.  This model is the only one capable of explaining that gross anomaly in Dowsing, namely Map Dowsing. A map `s Information is quantumwise entangled with what we seek!

Quo Vadis?
The conceptual model outlined above is now backed up with considerable experimental and theoretical results. One version of Quantum Theory is of particular interest to Dowsers since it inherently embodies the concept of non-locality(everything connected) and moreover, its idea of a Pilot Wave is just like a declaration of Intent! Developed versions of Quantum Theory, named String Theory are only consistent if   10 spatial dimensions are used. Yet long standing ideas in Spirituality demand this number of dimensions – 3 for our everyday space and 7 others to account for the higher dimensions of Spirit!  Although considerable investigation is needed to elucidate this tantalising connection , the necessary numbers are nevertheless coming into alignment.

We are at a stage in our research where serious contact with the world of mainstream science is necessary.  This approach of  restoring Mind to its rightful place in the mainstream not only illuminates many of the significant  current day problems in Physics but indicates the way to achieving a true Theory of Everything. It provides us with a clear direction in which to unite the divergent worlds of Science and Spirituality.

Much remains to be done but the approach outlined above offers a significant alignment of the problems inherent in existing disciplines. Mind unites both Cosmos and Qantum – yet one question will always remain. Who or what pressed the button in the first place?

Jim Lyons and Richard Nissen

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