How does dowsing work?

There is more and more evidence to suggest that Quantum Physics is giving us the answer to our question on how does dowsing work.

Jeffrey Keen in his book “Consciousness, intent and the structure of the universe”, calls this “the Information Field”.  He points out that dowsing has all the attributes of quantum mechanics.   Vlatco Vedral in “Decoding Reality – the universe as quantum information”, He too describes the universe in terms of a quantum computer that stores all the information that has ever existed in the universe : the universal Information Field.  This concept of the Quantum Computer is in quite accepted and efforts as now in hand to try to create one.  The mathematics proving the existence,  size and processing speed  of this universal  Quantum Computer are quite understood.  Vedral calculates the number of information bits in the Universe and comes up with the stupendously large number (but not infinite) of 10100 bits of information with a processing speed of 1090 compared to your computer which processes 1010 bits per second .so he calculates that you would need to have 1080 computers to do the same job (10 followed by 80 zeros)

Quantum mechanics is the one of the most exciting branches of research in modern physics and more ideas and concepts are being revealed all the time.

It is typical of quantum mechanics to deliver answers to empirical facts (dowsing works) in a completely astonishing and counter intuitive way. Jim Lyons who is really good with Quantum Physics has been preaching that dowsing is accessing this quantum computer for ages and Elizabeth Brown in her book on Dowsing agrees too.

A huge intellectual problem for us dowsers has been to make sense of different empirical anomalies, which we use all the time: the ability to map dowse, date dowse and the absolute need for intent when dowsing.

Since time and space are irrelevant to dowsing. It increasingly appears that when we dowse we are plugging into the Information field so time and distance simply does not matter: we are accessing this huge quantum universal database.  The Information Field has recorded everything that has ever existed.  One of our problems is that accessing these records is so natural to us that we often do not know that we have flipped from our memories into accessing the Universal Information Field – it all feels like one. However dowsing intent focuses us properly to access the Information Field in a workable reproducible way.

Intent is just like defining the terms of a search.  As Jim Lyons puts it: “All you need is  a map (low resolution info of the `real` target) and intent. This searches anywhere in the “holofield”, it is a Cosmic Google engine. Once linked whatever is there is also here!. In effect the whole process is a Cosmic Internet. Every `pixel` of the field is a punter on this net and intent sets up the link.  In particular, dowsing is holographic since as soon as one thinks of something, connection is made for ever!”

The difficulty for us and our theory that Quantum mechanics and the Universal Data Field is how we dowse is not so much its existence but rather how we are able to access it. It looks as if dowsing and animal navigation are two sides of the same coin.  Long distance navigation for animals and knowing where you as a human and where you are going is accessing the Information field,  which knows where you are and where you want to go. The people who are really good at this are just confident in their ability and relax into accessing the information in just the manner we use to tune in when we carry out device-less dowsing.

Most of the work on Quantum Mechanics has been done on a tiny sub atomic level but the unique aspect of Quantum Mechanics is entanglement. When two particles are entangled, despite distance, whatever happens to one occurs simultaneously in the other. This explains how once things have been together (entangled) they are “informationally” forever linked!

Jim Lyons has recently shown that we can express gravity, which is the subtle energy field that immerses us,  in terms of vorticity(spin).  This is a key anchor point of Quantum Physics and is all the basis of magnetism which manifests as vortex filaments as threads of spinning energy (just like Bubble Rings) . The whole concept of magnetic vector potential is the vorticity or spin of space itself. When we consciously link with someone, say  identical twins, there is a virtual vortex threads’ in between them, this is quantum non-locality. Information travels along this thread – just like in an out- of- body experience!

The mental and physical fields of living things together are interleaved. An example of this is the way that flocks of starlings or shoals of fish operate as a whole. It is interesting how brain waves cohere in meditating people.  The existence of the Information Field enables us to begin to cross the gulf  between the spiritual world and the world of science. The essence of the Information Field is described as the  “Oneness”  by the aborigines and many would consider this to be an aspect of Christian God too.  Indeed St John uses just the words you would use to describe all this if you had never seen a computer:

In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God and the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.
John 1 1-3

Vicky Sweetlove has helped me by talking about reading people’s Akashic records reminds us that  the Records are only written up to the present time, but there are pathways which suggest the direction for the future.  The Akashic records are just another manifestation of the same records as the Christians and other religions have always proclaimed: Revelation (20: 11) talks about the books that record the deeds of men: “Another book was opened which is the book of life; and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books according to their works”.

The key point is that there is now a unifying theory that covers dowsing and puts us all at the heart of a true revelation about how the world works and how we humans fit into the world and all creation. It is a pretty huge stunning observation!

There is much work to be done but this article asks us to use this knowledge to put order into the way we see the world and probably helps us use and understand our dowsing  gifts better.

Richard Nissen
Jim Lyons


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