Try this experiment – Use dowsing to find direction and distance

First, you will need to make your tool:  a Dowsing Rod.

  1. Take a wire coat hanger.
  2. Cut one of the diagonal bars going up to the hook. Cut this with pliers about 6” (15cm) from the corner to the horizontal bar (which you use to hang your clothes).
  3. Now cut the horizontal bar near the opposite end.  This will give you a distorted “L” with one long leg (the ex-horizontal bar).
  4. Now bend the corner until it becomes a right angle so it becomes a proper “L” shape.
BTW for dowsing you need two of these. You can also take a thicker piece of wire and create the same “L” shape if that feels more comfortable.

You have now created a Dowsing Rod.

To use your rod you hold it gently in one hand, made like a fist, with the short leg in your fingers and resting against your palm. This is correctly placed when the long end is horizontal and rotates absolutely freely.

If you need the rod to revolve more freely, make a collar out of an old Bic biro holder tube and put the short leg of the “L” in tube.

This should mean that when you hold up the tube vertically you are assured that the long leg of the “L”  can revolve easily.

Firstly decide on what you are asking the rod to show you.

Here are some examples
Now think hard to yourself: – Rod in my hand, “can you show me where my destination is” or “can you point to the North Pole please”. If you are not at home: “please show me the direction to my home”. You can choose anywhere you like but this request must be exact and you must focus on the location in your mind.  It might help if you visualise the target in your mind as you ask the question.

If you are tuned in and “relaxed” but clear about what you want,  the rod should revolve and settle down until it points the way you want to go.  Most people should be able to do this but if you are doing this with a sceptical approach it will not work.

You can check the bearing that your rod showed you by using a compass and a map to see if you got it right.

I think you will be amazed how often it is right…

The rod (the tool) is only enabling you to access your sub-conscious more easily.  Skilled dowsers can do this without tools and I am certain that animals and the ancient peoples could do this which is how the do direction.

If you do not want to make your own rod you can buy these from the British Society of Dowsers www.britishdowsers.org, along with pendulums.

pendulum is any weight on the end of a string. You can use a pendulum as well if that works better for you.

  1. To start off, hold the string and make the pendulum revolve in a slow small circle.
  2. Now ask the pendulum to show you the direction.
  3. If you are lucky the pendulum will slowly change direction and start moving in a straight line which should show the direction.

Most people can dowse if you are not in sceptical move and want it to work.

Tell us how you got on.

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