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Does your dog wait for you (their owner) to come home? – An experiment

Please participate!
An experiment to see how dogs respond to their owners.
Does your dog wait for you (their owner) to come home? If this is your case please participate in this experiment.

Rupert Sheldrake is a hero of ours and has written a book we have reviewed “Dogs that know when their owners are coming home, and other unexplained powers of animals.” The experiment is explained in detail in appendix A of the book entitled: “how to take part in research.”

See this link for more background:

The experiment
If your dog waits for you (the owner) to come home, we are trying to establish when the dog goes to wait for you.

Log the following:

  • Date
  • Distance from home
  • Time of going home
  • Mode of transport
  • Time of arrival

Start with the time you decide to come home.

There must be a person at home to note down the time that the dog goes to wait for you.

Please note this time down and also the time that you get home.

Do this a number of times and see if you get any correlation between the timings on your journey home and the time that the dog goes to wait for you.

You should record the dates and times in a notebook or diary so that you can build up a proper picture of what is happening.

Only record the facts, which will speak for themselves.

What did you find?
Send us your findings to us and if you are interested send these to Rupert Sheldrake too. I think that you will find the answers very interesting.

Please participate!

Richard Nissen, editor

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